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Incarcerated Women's Program

In 2002, Family Crisis Services conducted a study which found that approximately 95% of incarcerated women were currently in an abusive intimate relationship or had been victim of one in the past. Recognizing the connection between incarceration and domestic abuse, Family Crisis Services began offering support groups for incarcerated women at the Cumberland County Jail and the Maine Correctional Center. Family Crisis Services is one of only a handful of domestic violence agencies in the country that offer such programs.

At the Cumberland County Jail, the incarcerated women's program offers bi-weekly support groups for victims of domestic violence. These groups are open, educational discussions that provide information on identifying abuse, patterns of abuse, why women stay, effects of abuse, healthy relationships and self-care.

Re-entry advocacy is also available to women incarcerated at the Cumberland County Jail who are presently in an abusive relationship. These services include confidential one-on-one discussions, information and referrals for community resources, information and referrals regarding services provided by Family Crisis Services and other domestic violence projects across the state and safety planning for release.

At the Maine Correctional Center, the incarcerated women's program offers a creative writing support group, a book club and an educational support group for victims of domestic violence.

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