Thank you for your interest in participating in an internship here at Family Crisis Services! Interns are a vital and valued part of our program. They offer support to the people who use the hotline, shelters and outreach offices for help out of abusive relationships and life-threatening situations. As an Intern, your time, energy and professionalism is essential to the work of Family Crisis Services, and is especially meaningful to the people we serve.

Internship Overview:

In starting your internship, training in domestic violence issues and how to work effectively and compassionately with victims in crisis is imperative. In order to complete an internship here at Family Crisis Services, it is mandatory to take our 40-hour Volunteer/Intern training which is typically offered three times throughout the year- Fall, Winter and Spring. The training classes are held one night a week in the evenings and take place at our shelter in Portland. The training hours may or may not count as hours toward the actual internship, depending on the Professor’s/ Course guidelines and approval.

As a Family Crisis Services intern, you will be placed within a particular program at the agency- Shelter, Outreach or Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program. These individual programs will each come with their own expectations, responsibilities, goals, schedules and additional training- all of which will be worked out in detail before the start of the internship.

All internships here at Family Crisis Services are unpaid. Each has an official start and end date, provides regular supervision and offers hands-on experience.

For More Information:

To learn more about how to become involved in an internship at Family Crisis Services, please contact the Community Services Coordinator at 207.650.4806.